Vol. 3 Chapter 6: Unconscious Comrade

Firstly… I need to find a partner?

‘World’, are you screwing with me? I already combed an entire half of the academy, but I have yet to see anyone that’s awake.

And in the latter part of the procedure, you told me to wake my partner up.

You think I have not tried it yet?

I didn’t dare to test it on Irlin and the girls. After trying to shake some people awake a few times, I grabbed one unlucky person in the hallway, and poured ice-cold water on him several times.

In the end, he still did not wake up.

I even used Stun Dispel, but he still did not have any sort of reaction.

In other words, it won’t work if it’s just anyone in this situation. It seems I have to find a specific person.

Are you serious? There’s so many people in the academy. Do…

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