Chapter 359: Frustration


Dear readers, what’s a good setting for a solve & unlock/room escape challenge thingy? I’m making my own for a party.
One week passed since then.
The Four Saint Weapons book had its contents updated little by little.
While wondering if there was anything we could do, we tried tampering with our straps at first and going to the library many times but there was no development.
The days passed with us worrying endlessly about what we should do. [T/N: I wonder what would happen if they were to try writing in the book and changing the story…. Does that not work?]
“I’ll be going to practice with your little brother.” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia started sword practice in the garden with my little brother.
It was only with Shinai though. [T/N: bamboo sword used for kendo]
My little brother was beaten black and blue by Raphtalia and was frustrated.

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