Chapter 361: An Enemy of an Enemy is

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Chapter 361: An Enemy of an Enemy is

It’s not like we’re just going there to die.
We’re leaving to protect everyone.
I envisioned that wish strongly in my mind.

Even if we don’t have the power to defeat Medea, I’ll go.
But if possible, I want to protect them.
Even if my body is to rot away.

It felt as if I had suddenly run into a wall at full force.
But there was absolutely no pain.
It was as if I had crashed into a sponge.

What surrounded me was the darkness of night, and in the sky, stars much bigger than normal were glittering.
No, gem-like stars so big that it was offsetting glowed around me.
But the ground was too dark, and I couldn’t really see it.
… As I looked around, I realized that Raphtalia wasn’t by my side.


Even if I call out…

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