Legendary Moonlight Sculptor new chapter

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Volume 25 Chapter 3 – Zahab’s Artwork

The flock of Wyverns flew on their stretched wings. Bingryong, Phoenix, Golden Bird, and Silver bird followed behind them. While their flights looked free and lighthearted, their level was anything but.
Flying above the white clouds, they often passed by large birds. Weed rode on Wy-Three, with Yellowy and Goldman on Wy-One and Wy-Two respectively.
“Can’t we stop to eat for a bit?”
“It looks delicious!”
Wy-Five, Wy-Six, Wy-Seven flying without any burden could chase and snack on these birds before coming back.
“Yum yum, it’s really good.”
“These don’t have any fishy smell.”
Wy-Three’s accumulated grievance was beyond its threshold.
“There are other Wyverns but why do you always ride on my back?”
“Do you hate it that much?”
“It’s not that, having a person ride is heavy and takes a lot of effort. It also feels unfair…”
Weed was speaking while lying on the Wyvern’s flat back.
“When I was making you it was annoying so I just made the back flat.”
“It is as comfortable as a lying on a mat so it’s impossible to ride the other Wyverns. You are the best.”
Learning the secret of it’s creation, Wy-Three became more miserable.
Grapass was located in the Central continent of the Aidern Kingdom’s territory. It was an area swarming with monsters. Due to the large distance apart from Vargo Fortress, Weed decided to fly on the Sculpture Lifeforms and was able to arrived in a short moment.
“Thinking about it… 20 days should be enough to find him.”
Reflecting his miserable time at Jigolaths, one of the other 10 forbidden regions, Grapass was not as large. He had not heard any rumors of stifling maze like underground dungeons found in Jigolaths, so Weed thought that it will not be difficult to meet Zahab.
Weed pulled out the mission item he received long ago. The old handmaiden said the mission item would guide him to Zahab’s haven. And on the mission item was a drawing of a water spirit.
“I should start my search near a body of water. But this area is extremely dangerous with the monsters so Zahab might not even be alive!”
The original residents who were not players of the Royal Road could die. While the players revived after suffering a penalty, NPC death were permanent! If Zahab was already dead, the quest will have to be abandoned early.
When certain master of the class died or went missing, the quest and its related skill disappeared. Of course other skilled people could become masters, create new secrete skills and depending on the situation, new quests could be created. But this was not a certainty.
Truthfully, it was dangerous for Weed to have prolonged the old handmaiden’s quest for so long.

“Let’s get started. You all had a nice, long rest right?”

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