Chapter 363: The Power to Protect Everything

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All dat symbolism tho…

Chapter 363: The Power to Protect Everything

And I continued walking down the dark path.
Luckily, it seemed that proceeding down it was possible in itself.
On the way… I’m occasionally forced to take a break before I walk again, further, and further.
Eventually, various worlds start passing me by.

Honestly, I remember hallucinating that I was lost.
Sometimes I found myself in a desert, or a forest… This really is the gap that connects worlds.
But I never met anything, be it monster, animal, or human.

A place without the breath of life… I guess.
I often found my legs sprained and bruised.
But in order to reach that world in the sky I… walked on.

In that world, there’s Raphtalia. There’s everyone.
I decided to protect it.
Even if I crumble away while seeking my goal, I will…

The Four Holy Weapons’ Manual…

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