Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 19

Omega Harem Translations

Chapter 19 – Meeting a strange girl


I’m the eldest son of Earl Ascarot, Nico Ascarot.

Since my father is this country’s prime minister, I’ve had many chances to go with my father to the castle since I was little. Because of that, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with the princes of this country.

In particular, I got along really well with the twin princes that were one year younger than me.

My childhood friends, the twin princes, began changing about one year ago.


The third prince Jared would always have a perfect fake smile plastered to his face. He would always say “boring” and it was as if his eyes reflected nothing.

However, one time, Jared said “I discovered something very interesting” and laughed. His smile seemed to be somewhat different from his fake smile up to now.

And then as time passed, Jared began changing…

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