Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 20

Omega Harem Translations

Chapter 20 – I celebrated my birthday


The days passed by really fast, and ever since I recalled my memories during spring when I was eight years old, seven years have passed before I even noticed.

I’ll be fifteen soon.

In this world, fifteen is the age at which noble children are required to make their social debut –

Also – it’s the age at which people with magic power are required to enroll in magic school.

This summer, I’ll turn fifteen, and I’ll be entering magic school in spring of next year.

By the way, in magic school, no matter your social status, everyone was required to live in the dorms.

As expected, those of higher social statuses seem to get better rooms, but it’s even okay to bring servants with you…… Anyways, it won’t be as free of a life as I have now.

And, when I…

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