Vol. 3 Chapter 8: Inverted Pyramid

I don’t know what that thing was, and it wasn’t because I didn’t look at it carefully. Rather, everything above it, including its name, were a series of question marks.

Even if I want to, it wouldn’t be possible to know about it, right?

There’s only one thing I can confirm about it, and that its level is much higher than ours, and not just twice or thrice. It’s also able to kill us instantly like it’s slicing vegetables in a kitchen.

Why is our enemy such a monster this time around?

Although I really want to give this ‘World’ guy a good scolding, however, there’s obviously something more important to deal with currently.

After passing a bottle of HP Recovery Potion to Aliyah to drink, her flashing HP bar stopped blinking after two times, and began to slowly recover.
(t/n: Although Aliyah was in an apparent state of death…

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