Chapter 366: Paranoia Begets Paranoia

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Chapter 366: Paranoia Begets Paranoia

“Anyways, for now…”

When I looked to see what Fohl was doing, I saw he was being hard pressed by an imitation of Atlas.

“Onii-sama, you’re in the way.”
“Ku…” (Fohl)

As if she could see, the fake followed Fohl’s movements with her eyes while she one-sidedly attacked Fohl, who was on the defense.
She looks a little more childish than the real one, and a little bit prettied up.
What’s more, her breasts are strangely large.
Was someone’s wishes mixed into this one?

The Shield lets out a pinging sound.
Ah, so you want me to go there.
I lightly jump towards them, instantly arrive at the fake attacking Fohl, and grab her head with one hand.

『Onii-sama, are you telling me you can’t differentiate between the real me and an imposter?』

Atlas exposes herself from the Shield, and begins glaring at Fohl.

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