Death March new chapter

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Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku volume 6 chapter 28

The Girls’ Battles


Hello, Lulu here.
What should I do. Liza-san has been strange since awhile ago.

“Call the village chief!”
“Who are ya. I ain’t getting ordered by a beastkin.”

Liza-san strikes the ground with her spear wrapped in cloth.
Even her wagon driving to this village was rough. I think she really wanted to go together with master like Arisa after all?

The villager-san with big body is trying his best to oppose Liza-san, but it seems that only his word is big without courage. His feet and voice are shaking.

Thankfully, a boy is leading a gentle-looking man here while running. That kid was the kid who ran toward the village earlier. It looks like he’s called the village chief.

“Well then, what exactly is your demand? As you can see, our is a poor village, we’re short in food let alone treasures.”

Exactly like chief-san has said, the children, and the man earlier look famished.

“We don’t need treasures or food. My great lord desires stones that look like this. Prepare 100 of it immediately.”

Mou, Liza-san, it’s already completely not on the level of negotiation. Nana-san too, please don’t only look from the side and do something about it.

I desperately try convey it with my eyes, but it doesn’t reach Nana-san. She looks over here and tilts her neck. Mou! It’s unfair to be that cute on top of being a beauty.

I turn my head at the back to look at Tama-chan and Mia-san who are the remaining ray of hope, but….

Mia-san! Please don’t play around with Tama-chan! Moreover, isn’t the string you’re using to play the matching one that master has bought! Ah, Tama-chan’s nails are, aah, mou!

When I’m agonizing over that, the negotiation is over. Village chief-san is directing the children and the young people carrying baskets and the like toward the river.

To think they’re doing the collecting after that, what kind of magic did Liza-san use?
Muu~n. Liza is tingling nyan.
That end-sentence Arisa’s taught has became a habit. What to do, if I say it out loud, master would worry.

Seems she’s worried for master who has gone to the place of that monster called noble or something.

Liza and Arisa are such worrywarts.

Even though it’s alright, since master is the strongest of the strong. No matter what kind of monster appears, swoosh, he’d move, zudodon, he’d beat it.

Flop, I lie down and Mia hang a string in front of my eyes.

How rude. I’m not the same Tama who’s always, always lured.



Choro. Chorochoro.

Endure. I’m the onee-san. I must endure here.



Hah ah, I’ve been entangled in the string when I noticed.
Mia’s string technique must be the secret art of fairies, no doubt.
◇Village Chief◇
Good grief, I shouldn’t have have married into the village chief’s house.

I’ve grown used with sending away thieves, brown-nosing the tax collector, and letting off the territorial army’s coercion though.

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