Vol. 3 Chapter 9: You’re Kidding Me

“I didn’t expect that you would actually learn Sneak. Isn’t this a Rogue’s skill?”

“Which rule states that a Dual-swordsman can’t learn Sneak? Dual-swordsmen focus on speed and fast kills. How could I just let go of a skill as useful as Sneak?”

We are currently following the route the pyramidal surveillance camera is taking to the interference equipment.

Although we’re sneaking, we’re not completely hidden. Hence, we did not dare to approach too close, and we’re slowly following behind it.

And, the biggest problem right now was that we couldn’t see the thing’s name or titles. Even when I used the Phad’s Eye skill, nothing was revealed at all.

There weren’t any question marks, rather, nothing was above it at all.

Before, since I was able to see names and titles, I could still follow after people even when they’re behind walls, and it was really convenient. However, right…

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