Vol. 3 Chapter 10: Quest Completion

“Your speed ain’t that slow huh.”

“Yours isn’t lacking either… Watch your back!”

“I know, don’t worry.”

After saying that, Aliyah’s speed increased once again, and with a white trail of light, it left the metal spikes constantly chasing her back.

At the same time, I did not idle as well, as after launching my magic skills, I used Charge to move out of its attack radius. Then, I leapt onto the top of the building at the side.

The metal spikes seemed to only appear from the ground, and the spikes would not grow above 5 meters. Hence, there shouldn’t be any problem while I’m at the top of the building.

As I expected, that weird thing only glanced an eye at me, and proceeded towards Aliyah’s direction, slowly approaching her.

“Damn it, this isn’t fair!”

Aliyah shouted as she ran towards a building at the other side, probably…

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