Xian Ni Chapter 138 – Heavenly Li Dan

Void Translations

ObligatoryTLNote: Much thanks to NomYummi for swooping in and helping me finish translating this chapter, otherwise, this chapter would have been delayed another day. Much thanks to Cheesy for his great editing as always.

Translator: Void, NomYummi
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy

From the Luo He YuanYing cultivators, a skinny old man wearing a black robe came out. With a face full of wrinkles framing his dark and lifeless eyes, he turned his eyelids and said: “Every month, the individual who kills the most people in battle will be allowed to receive one Heavenly Li Dan!”

Heavenly Li Dan. These three words were well known to Wang Lin, as well as to all of the surrounding cultivators, who all began to breathe heavily as if they were short of breath.

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