Dragon Life – 10

Omega Harem Translations

It’s been a few days since I was assigned to the fourth dorm.

During these days, I’ve realized the reason why the girls kept quitting.

As expected, it was the smell. The special smell of sweaty men. Speaking badly about it, I’d say it’s the smell of middle aged men, but since this dorm generally houses men between the ages of ten and forty years old, I guess it can’t be helped. Besides, for them loitering around inside the dorm after returning from training whilst dripping with sweat seemed to be the usual for them, and they didn’t even seem to notice their own smell.

But for a young maiden, a small problem persists. They’re all used to it, but being in this large crowd of men day in and day out doing one’s job, in one way could be considered a form of hell. Or would it be terror…

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