Vol. 3 Chapter 11: I’m Always the Scapegoat

The last thing I saw was the approaching ground. After that, my entire vision became dark.

My senses were cut off, but I have no idea why. Either the system registered that I crashed into the ground, or there are probably other similar reasons for that. In any case, even though my entire vision was covered in darkness, the notification that appeared did not state a resurrection countdown, but an ‘unconscious’ status countdown.

To think I would be able to survive after falling from such a height, looks like at LV 19, my body is rather tough.

This confirms that having a high defense is indeed a good thing. For example, if I were to one day decide to do some bungee jumping, and my rope suddenly breaks, then I might not die from the fall… Alright, since I already grew a pair of wings, I won’t be that crazy…

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