Chapter 369: The Night before the Decisive Battle

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Chapter 369: The Night before the Decisive Battle

Making sure Trash was sound asleep, we quietly left the room.
When we descended the castle stairs, we found Glass, Ren and Female Knight. Also Itsuki and Rishia. They were meeting up to discuss the coming battle.
It’s dependent on Trash’s plan, but to what extent can we take action… in the battlefield, what sort of attacks could we expect from our enemies. That sort of talk.

“Ah, Naofumi-san.” (Itsuki)

Itsuki notices us, and calls out to us.

“It’s a bit sudden, but I’d like to have a little talk about our enemy.” (Itsuki)
“It’s because Ren-san didn’t know much about our world’s situation.” (Rishia)
“Yeah, that’ll help.” (Naofumi)

Even if I had a slight grasp of what was going on, I can’t just go about using my powers for something like this.
It’s not yet the time to use them.

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