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Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei volume 3 Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Participation

Snow who is supposed to be studying at the magic school on the Fairy Human Continent, appeared in Meiya’s residence!
The chair flew from the momentum of me standing up.

“S-Snow!? Why are you here! You aren’t a fake, are you!”
[[Lute-kun! Lute-kun! Lute-kun!]]

Snow came running while calling my name in Fairy Human Continent’s language.

She jumped and wrapped her arms around my neck.
Her face buried was making “fuga fuga” sounds as she sniffed my smell.
The long-missed action caused a feeling of nostalgia to gush out within my chest, so much that I unintentionally hugged her until it hurts.

[[Lute-kun, you’re suffocating me.]]
[[So, sorry. I was so happy I hugged you too hard.]]

It took me awhile to be able to speak out in the Fairy Human language initially, as I haven’t used it in a while.
It’s the adverse effect for not using it in such a long time.

“Lute, what is she saying? And who the hell is she? She couldn’t be someone from the main family right……”

Karen moves in front of ojou-sama to cover for her.
I panicked and attempted to prove Snow’s innocence.

“You are mistaken! She is Snow, my childhood friend and fiancée, that was mentioned earlier!”

I switched language and asked.

[[Does Snow understand Demon Continent language?]]
[[Not a problem, as it is a mandatory class during the magic school freshman year.]]

Come to think of it, even though Snow is very weak in math from small, she is quite good in literacy.
I’m getting nostalgic of El-sensei’s lecture.

Snow parted her hands from me and gave a courteous greeting in Demon Continent Language.

“Pleased to meet you, I am Snow, Lute’s fiancée.”

Though the intonation was strange here and there, there mostly were no problems.
She continued her introduction.

“I attend at the Fairy Human Continents magic school. I am a A-minus Rank magician.”

I involuntarily let out my voice as I was startled.
Surely I must have misheard it, is what I thought.

“S-Snow! Surely you’re joking, that you’re a A-minus rank magician.”
“It’s the truth. I wanted to graduate as soon as possible to meet Lute and endured it. And so I became a A-minus rank magician. Of course it wasn’t by my strength alone, I was heavily taught by Shishou.”
“Un! Um, Shishou is a magician called [Freezing Witch]. I got along well with her and was taught many things.”
“F-freezing witch!?”

This time it was Karen who raised her voice in surprise

“Being a High-elf and called the [Freezing Witch], even among the High-elves there is only the one famous, having lived 1000 years and reached S-Rank magician!?”

A-rank is a position that only a few of the so-called [geniuses] reach.
S-rank is for those entities called [supermen], [freaks], and [monsters].

“Un, that person is my Shishou. She told me she was naming me the [Witch of Ice and Snow], but it’s kind of embarrassing so it’s hard to say.”
“No, you say embarrassing, that’s not the thing one focuses on……”

I reflexively let out a tsukkomi.
Snow tilted her head, it is not known if she understood it.

Idiots and geniuses are only separated by a fine line ―― I wonder what sort of campus life did Snow have at the magic school after she was sent there?

“……so why is Snow here? What about school?”
“That’s because obtaining A-minus rank at the magic school will garner enough credits to graduate without having to attend. Just as I was considering on going to meet up with Lute, that person said something terrible!”

Snow pointed to Meiya who was crouching within the table’s shadow in an attempt to hide herself.
Meiya was frightened in the face of Snow as if she was a small animal in front of its predator.
I never would have thought that the 2 of them were acquainted.
Just what happened between the 2?

“Calm down Snow. For the time being, explain to me from the start.”
“Un, understood. About that……”

Snow explained in sequence the reason for her being here.

Her first time meeting Meiya at the Fairy Human Continent magic school parlor.
She approached Snow with the desire to negotiate a price for the [S&W M10 2-inch] revolver that is in Snow’s possession.

Her friendly attitude suddenly changed as she raise her voice crying out, after Snow rejected her offer.

“Lute-sama was already killed by a monster! That is why, that Magic Tool should not be in the possession of someone like you who does not know its worth. In order to leave his achievement to/for future generations, someone such as myself should be the one to have it!”

Meiya, other than being a genius Magic Tool inventor, she could also speak in Fairy Human Continentlanguage.

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