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MG chapter 13

Meeting the Classmates

I shouldn’t have told a joke during the speech.

How should I know that! Since I could only rely on the memories of my previous world, and in those memories, it was the basic thing to add humor to speeches in order to calm the venue down.

I am at my wits’ end about this world’s common sense, which I’ve learned for the first time, and about the grand public spectacle I made.

“Well~ In my case, I found it quite interesting? A normal speech at this kind of place is boring and will put me to sleep.”

Suddenly, I heard a voice. Since she was sitting in a nearby seat, she’s also part of S Class, I guess.

“I’m Alice. Alice Corner. Nice to meet you, Shin Walford-kun.”

“Ah, nice to meet you.”

“I thought the speech you gave a little while ago was interesting. The speeches during Beginner and Intermediate school were very painful at that time, but that couldn’t be helped. I think many students would think so as well, don’t you think? Earlier, the majority of the student body were laughing, I wonder, wouldn’t there be a lot of people who’ll try to imitate you?”

“…Is that so?”

“Yes it is. By the way. Walford-kun.”

“Just call me Shin.”

“Then, Shin-kun. Shin-kun… is the grandson of Merlin-sama and Melinda-sama?”

To be accurate, it’s actually quite different, though. I wonder if everyone didn’t know grandpa and grandma are no longer married?

“Well, yes I am.”

“I wonder, did they come today?”

“They are probably sitting together with the other guardians…”

Was that it? Was this the kind of situation where she wants to ask me for an introduction?

“Is that so? Well, since we’re going to be classmates in the future, it would be better for me to greet them, right~”

This is the first time I’ve heard of the need to greet a classmate’s guardians.

“Ah! Not fair! I [Watashi] also want to go!”

“I [Watashi] also want to go.”

“I [Boku], too, want to go.”

“I [Watashi] also want to go~”

“I [Jibun] also want to greet them.”

“I [Sessha] want to go, too de-gozaru.”

Who was that!? There was a Samurai!?

“Ho~? So there was a rule in the academy that says we have to greet our classmates’ parents?”

“Prin-Prince Augusto…”

“In that case, naturally, I’ll have to ask all of you to meet with Father.”

“N-no need! That would be too much!”

“Then, stop saying stupid stuff and be quiet. Look, isn’t the instructor looking this way?”

Eh! Uwa~ He’s really glaring. It seems like today, I did nothing but get scolded.

“After this, we will be going to the classroom, so go plan your minglings there.”

“Ye-yes. I’m very sorry…”

“My bad, Gus, you saved me.”

“What, it was a matter of course.”

As I thought, this guy really is Uncle Dis’ son. He’s also super cool when it comes to things like these.

“You owe me one.”

He declared while smirking.

I take back my previous statement! As I thought, he has a bad personality!

After that, the entrance ceremony proceeded without a hitch, and finally, it was Uncle Dis’ speech. A part of his speech was to encourage the freshmen, but at the end of it, he looked at me and smirked. Somehow I’m getting a bad feeling about this, you know?

“This year, since a non-standard — the grandson of the hero — has also been admitted, We think the instructors’ camp will have a hard time, but We hope the instructors will work hard. And as for his fellow classmates, it would be good if you can learn various things from him. Everyone’s stereotypes will probably be blown away by him. And also, We pray everyone will grow significantly.”

Oi! What are you throwing in at the end of your speech? I thought one weren’t supposed to tell in a joke during a speech!?

“Hmm, as expected of Father. He’s immediately incorporating it.”

You too, what are you doing being impressed! If the head of the Kingdom does something like that, everyone will want to imitate it! It’ll alter the common sense of this world!

I was played with by the King in the end, and the very tiring entrance ceremony was over.

After this, everyone will go to their own respective classrooms, do a simple homeroom, such as self-introduction, and then dismiss for the day.

When we were about to go to the classroom under the instructor’s guidance, at that time, I somehow felt a gaze, making me uneasy. What is it? I thought, and when I looked around my surroundings… That guy… if I wasn’t mistaken, it was Cart-kun. The previously-mentioned ‘Violent Noble’-kun was glaring at me. With a look full of grudge and resentment.

Did I, perhaps do something? Ah! Maybe because I gave such a playful speech, that he’s thinking of the tradition or about the ceremony’s dignity? Since it seems he’s somewhat obstinate about being a noble. But because Uncle Dis also did the same thing, there shouldn’t be a problem, right? …Right?

Although his gaze was bothering me a little, it was already time to go to the classroom. Since he seems to be in a different class, he couldn’t even confront me, and I was also heading to my classroom.

This academy has 4 different classes: S, A, B, and C. Only S Class has a small number of students consisting of 10 people, and as for the other classes, they have 30 students each, so 10 + (30 x 3) = 100 students in each academic year.

The students are divided into these classes depending on the results of their entrance examination, and S Class consists of the top ten students, the Special Advanced Class so to speak. The lowest is the C Class, but everyone here was able to pass the super difficult entrance exam.

Since there are annual class rearrangement whenever students goes up an academic year, even if a student was in C Class at the time of their enrolment, it would be possible for them to be in S Class by the time of their graduation. The opposite also applies. I need to work hard so I won’t drag grandpa and grandma’s reputation in the mud.

Only for today, please forget the many times I got scolded already. I beg of you.

* * *

The classroom somehow had the Oval Office?-like feeling. The desk also had an official desk-like feeling to it, with a high-class look, and it was large, too. The chair also was covered with leather, and I wasn’t the only one who thought: ‘Is this place the president’s room or something?’.

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