Vol. 3 Chapter 12: School Transfer

I ran towards the academy, and as expected, the place was crowded with students.

The teachers were tasked with security, and were standing at the academy doors, preventing students from entering the school.

That’s a rather natural thing to do, as with a simple glance, two or more collapsed buildings in the academy could be seen. I recalled one of the buildings clearly, as it was the building the statue monster destroyed before leaping down from it.

But, it seems that the infirmary were untouched. After all, the place we were battling at was not close to the infirmary, and hence, there were no signs of destruction at the infirmary.

However, the academy had been sealed off, and the teachers did not allow anyone from entering. The people inside should have been brought out by now.

Two hours had past since the conclusion of the battle, so…

“Fir, you’re here.”


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