Chapter 373: A Couple’s Strength


How many people want Kookie to work on the side stories?
A Couple’s Strength
 “This is….” (Ren)
“Merciless.” (Itsuki)
Believing in their God.… only to be betrayed, and then terminated. Ren and Itsuki watched those Reincarnates and muttered.
I strongly agreed.
Me, Ren, Itsuki and Motoyasu― we’ve all had the cruel experience of being tricked by Witch, so we understand all the more.
That this guy is someone we can never forgive.
“You did well to come this far. I honestly give you my praise.” (Goddess)
The Damn Goddess declared, floating softly.
There was not a single enemy remaining nearby, with the exception of the Damn Goddess.
Excessive cold-bloodedness…. It was a place where only sorrow and hatred swirled about.
There was only one person there, the extremely cheerfully smiling Damn Goddess.
“But playtime is over. To tell you the truth, no matter what happened in this game, my victory…

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