Magi Craft Meister Volume 2 Chapter 7, 8, 9

Natsu TL

“FINALLY!” Right? Well you’ll be suffering again.
Late due to reading MGA for 10 hours straight (ended up not sleeping). SUMEI BEST.

I’ll be taking a 1-2 week break from translating Magi Craft Meister to read novels that I’ve been wanting to read but don’t have time to read. After taking up translating I haven’t had much time to read new novels which keep on piling up and that’s why the break. I can read 2-4 LN volumes a day so I should be able to get through at least half of the novels I’ve been wanting to read.

As for UchiNara, UchiMusume, OyaBaka, whatever you want to call it, I’ll continue translating that in whatever time I can give it. I hope to get Chapter 1 finished by the 21st.

Anywhere here are the chapters.

Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

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