Leo First Chapter

Originally on Gravity Tales

Quick reminder, this is technically the second chapter of a translator + editor done story.

People’s Notes – mostly author’s notes

Soul Eating Loli Fox Goddess here!!! To the person from last episode of this tale wanting more description of the birthing process… Sorry I don’t really know…or want to think about… what coming out of a vagina feels like. Anywho, Life made my day by getting my Wittle Sisters “Cavern” pun first so a silent round of applause for him. Lasty from me is sorry for the late release… My work at the Soul Eating Academy was hectic so found little energy in my lazy bones to type. So without further ado my charismatic Sister and our minions will say a few words!

Soul Eating Loli Bunny Demon: I got tired after eating too much souls and fell asleep so dis chappie became late. :3

Old Meister Blacksmith God: Hrmm… almost nothing to beat out…. Mmm …. this story needs more metal… Hrmm…. Well Ill come back later if anyone complains… Back to my glorious smithing….

Chapter 1:

“My Queen, your son has finally been born.”

A chambermaid says as she kneels in front a canopy bed in a dark room. The curtains of the canopy bed are closed. The moonlight from the windows on the other side room from the chambermaid causes the Queen’s sitting shadow to appear on the lace curtains. A bell rings twice on the grandfather clock against the wall. At the sound of the maid’s voice, a rustling noise permeates the room as a pure white hand appears to part the curtains. The chamber maid looks up at the Queen but dark shadows hide the Queen’s face.

“Excellent… I can finally rest easy knowing we have hope of survival. It has been too long since we didn’t have to live under the oppression of those barbaric humans.”

The Queen’s fatigued melodic voice sounds through the air. Having worried for days about her kingdom, she had not slept in months.

“Please go find Yeowla for me, Clarice.”

“Yes your majesty.”

The Queen removes her hand from the curtains and slowly reclines onto the bed. Clarice takes this as her cue to leave, as she gets up and walks out the door.


Meanwhile, Leo is locked in his dreamscape completely unaware of what was happening to him. Unbeknownst to him, his fate had just been set to a life where death would be a reprieve. A life filled with agony, pain and misery. His dreamscape is no better as he slowly relives painful memories of his past life. Torrents of his old regrets rush back to him and remind him of all the things he wished he had accomplished. Each regret that flow by tear at his soul causing him endless mental pain. He tries to scream but not a single sound comes out. Trapped in his nightmare, all he can do is wait.

Suddenly, the scene of his nightmare completely changes. Leo is completely flabbergasted to find himself standing in a white room filled with his past life’s only true love: glasses of milk tea. In his previous life, he lived for the subtle yet wonderful taste of milk tea. But after a moment, his surprised face vanishes as he remembers his death. After remembering he was betrayed by the love of his life, his heart fills with remorse.

“HAHAHA! That face is priceless! Perfectly pathetic I say! I haven’t been this entertained for millennia!”

A booming female voice appears out of nowhere causing every glass of milk tea to shudder. The sudden sound in his otherwise quiet dreamscape causes Leo to nearly wet himself. Through all his fear, he manages to squeak out:

“Who are you and where the hell am I!”

“I am, and we are where I am.”

The voice echoes off the walls, magnifying the authority in the voice. Finally regaining control over his fear, he responds back:

“B*tch, only God can say that!”

“Who are you to say I am not God, boy! I am because I am. Anything you say is because I am. Your life, death and reason for living is because I am. While on this topic, I dislike being called God. It’s insulting! It’s like naming a cat Cat. However it seems you mortals have trouble communicating without names, I shall allow you to call me Ashley.”

Leo frantically looks around searching for the source. Finding nothing but milk tea around him, a thought enters his mind: What the f*ck am I searching around for…. I am stuck in this Milk Tea world listening to some delusional crazy b*tch talk as if she is God….

“Fufufu I see you have a sense of humor, boy. Well I guess its about time I showed myself so you can stop whipping your head around looking for me.”

What the f*ck? This b*tch can read my mind?

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