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Chapter 6 – Practioner Weapon

“Heh heh, Indeed, I am a mid level Practitioner! If not how could I have detected your spiritual pulse with just one glance?” Guan Lao Da smiled as he replied and naturally didn’t bring up his original intention to kill the youth.

“I too had no idea that I could be considered a practitioner.” Liu Ming murmured, as he came to some sort of understanding.

“Did you know that a Practitioner is one of the lowest levels of Spirit Pulse wielders. With your age, if you are able to access your Spirit Sea, you may be able to find a Sect and become a Spirit Apostle.” Guan Lao Da showed a strange expression as he said this.

“Apostle? Sect?” Liu Ming furrowed his eyebrows at these two unfamiliar terms.

Guan Lao Da chuckled but just as he was about to explain, there was a disturbance in the distant grass patch and a skinny figure carrying a big bag walked towards them.

“Brother Gu, come over here, let me introduce you to Brother Yang (Liu Ming’s fake name). Without the guidance of a qualified Practitioner, he managed to train his Yuan Li on his own.” Guan Lao Da waved to Gu Lao San the moment he appeared and said with a profound meaning.

“That’s great news” Gu Lao San said as he walked across, smiling at the his luck.

“My greetings to Uncle Gu!” Liu Ming said without hesitation and stood up immediately to give a small bow.

“Ah haha, little brother, you don’t need to be so courteous. Big Brother Guan, I bought everything I needed. You know, anybody else would have taken at least half a day more.” Gu Lao San boasted as he tossed the bag to Guan Lao Da.

“Of course I knew that, that’s why I asked you to personally make the trip. Right, this isn’t the place to be chit chatting. Let’s find somewhere less conspicuous” Guan Lao Da said while nodding his head.

Liu Ming and Gu Lao San had no objections, and after packing up walked away from the river.

After they passed by a mound of freshly packed earth, Liu Ming casually glanced over it.

While normal people would not be able to notice anything out of the ordinary, the youth smelt the odor of fresh blood and though it was weak, it was not able to escape the notice of one who had been through as many bloody struggles as he had.

Liu Ming felt his heart skip a beat, knowing that whatever was buried within definitely had something to do with the other two men. While they were by no means saints and under their “friendliness” was definitely some hidden agenda.

After an hour, as the sky began to darken. Thus, the three of them took refuge in an abandoned shrine and started a fire to keep warm.

Gu Lao San gutted a rabbit he had killed during the journey and began roasting it over the open flame.

As the three men huddled around the fire, an irresistible smell soon wafted into the air…..

“Those commonly referred to as Practitioners refers to Spirit Pulse users who have successfully undergone their spirit awakening and accessed their Spirit Reservoir. Due to the fact that once a Spirit Pulse user passes their fifteenth birthday, the Spirit Pulse begins to solidify, and from then on would have no more chance to access their Spirit Reservoir, and thus there is a very strict age limit regarding the awakening process. Those that have their Spirit Reservoirs opened will be able to convert Yuan Li to mana and then use mana to wield mana weapons and perform spells. These people are like gods to us. The Sects are places where Spiritual Apostles are trained and normal people don’t even know about these sects. Some extremely powerful sects even have the power to determine the fate of a country with a mere word!” Guan Lao Da seemed almost to have forgotten about the rabbit roasting in front of him, revealing to Liu Ming the existence of a secret and mystical world.

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