Vol. 3 Chapter 14: Annual Tournament’s Prelude

The ‘unconscious’ status today is acting really weird. The countdown for the status kept changing.

The status was supposed to last 2 hours. When only about 10 minutes were left, the countdown returned to 2 hours. And this loop continued.

What the hell is this joke? Is it a bug?

It seems that I have to create an all-status immunity equipment in the future. Otherwise, I would definitely develop sleep disorders from being unconscious for so many times!

Although I’m not that against to being unconscious, however, when we had dinner, there was only about 12 hours left before the Annual Tournament begins. Is there really no problem sleeping like this right now?

Looking at the countdown that kept changing, I was starting to get worried. After all, the tournament was experience that’s made easily accessible. There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip, huh. If my experience…

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