Isekai Mahou Chapter 19 Release

Isekai Mahou Translations!

First off, sorry this one took a while even though it’s not that long. I started reading a certain Chinese web novel series, 煉神領域 or “The Alchemist God’s Domain”, and got incredibly addicted haha. (It’s currently being translated here for anyone interested, incidentally, while you can find my thoughts on the series here). Long story short, I caught up on all 450+ chapters in under a week, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for translating XD Anyway, I highly recommend it, particularly if you can read Chinese and can drown yourself in the raws 😉

Next up, a correction. In the last two chapters, I translated a certain term as “Other Race”. I’d like to explain a little more about that as well as make a correction. The series uses two distinct terms when talking about the demons: “魔族” (Mazoku), which directly translates to “demon race”, and “異なる種族” (kotonaru shuzoku)…

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