Vol. 3 Chapter 15: Bone-Piercing Ice & Blazing Heart (I)

“The final Elementary Grade match today will be a fight between the Ice-type Team’s Fir and Princess Michelle and the Fire-type Team’s Lee and Prince Brecht. Both teams look pretty confident. But from what I heard, last night, Fir from the Ice-type Team seemed to have gotten a bad stomach ache. I wonder if it would have any influence on his battle today.”

The moment I stepped into the ring, the host left me completely speechless.

You’re totally not giving me any face. I dare you to tell me what that guy, whose wearing a thick robe, over there ate last night. Well? Why aren’t you doing it, huh?

“Hey, host. Can you stop gossipping?”

I turned and stared at the host in the eye.

The host was a young girl filled with question marks, even though she did not look that much older than me.

But since I could…

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