Smartphone chapter 6

Raising the Dead Backup Site

Translator Kirihito

Editor Clueless Panda 

Hi everyone Kirihito here, I apologize for the late release because of stuff. Well no problem anymore because I’ve finished up to chapter 10 and waiting for Panda to edit them and will keep continuing. Another thing I’v found out while snooping around is that the chapter are actually parts and no volumes. So these first 10 chapters are actually parts from chapter 1 which is called 第1章 異世界来訪。”Visit to another world”. just saying but I’ll keep it as it is to prevent confusion.

This is Panda. Right now, we need people who are fluent in Japanese and English that are willing to TLC for us. Due to MTLing, TLC would help ensure accuracy and allow for the story to be read without awkward sentences. Please consider joining us so that we can release faster (Poor Black Assassin, sole TLC and to be member of a…

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