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ACT 4 Dragonian

“Character information window!”

Character Name  |  Ark

Race | Human

Alignment | Good +500

Fame | 2,365 (+500)

Level | 374

Profession | Dark Soul

Title | Cat Knight, Caretaker of the People, Jackson’s Hero, Great Adventurer, Magic Institute Member, Seutandal’s Hero

Health | 7015 (+425)

Mana | 7205(+225)

Spiritual Power | 786

Strength | 757 (+38)

Agility | 957 (+110)

Stamina | 1197 (+35)

Wisdom | 173 (+10)

Intelligence | 1265 (+5)

Luck | 167 (+60)

Flexibility | 181

Art of Communication | 69

Affection | 49 (+10)

Resilience | 439

Dark Fog | 36

Special stat: Knowledge of Ancient Relics | 153

* Equipment item effects

Guardian Armour of the Merpeople: Water Attribute Resistance +100%, Penalty based on water is nullified.
Cat Paws (Gloves): Attack Speed +10%, Agility +15, Critical Hit +10%

Raccoons Pith (Helmet): Agility + 10, Wisdom + 10

*<Animal King> Set effect: Strength + 20, Agility + 20, Stamina +20, Defense +40

Warrior’s Transcripts (Shoulder Blades): Strength + 3

Wolf’s Feet (Shoes): Agility + 40, Movement Speed +40%, Attack Speed +10%, ‘Jump’ is available

Galgashi’s Fur (Mantle): Cold resistance +100%, Agility +20, When health is less than 50%, ‘Magic Protection’ automatically activates.

Adelaine’s Necklace (Necklace): Defense + 40, Affection +10, ‘Blessing of the Sea’ available

Rarukan’s Ring (Ring): Agility + 10, Attack Speed +10%, Critical Hit +8%, ‘Dark Protection’ available

Ark’s Ring (Ring): Strength + 5, Agility + 5, Stamina + 5, Wisdom + 5, Intelligence + 5, ‘Sudden Increase in Power’ available

Amulet of Vitality (Bracelet): Health + 50, Health recovers by 5 every 20 seconds

Gladiator’s Honour (Bracelet): Strength, Agility, Stamina +10, Fame +500, Sword-based Skill Growth +5%

* All abilities will increase by 50% in the dark
* You have the ability to hide in the darkness (30 minutes duration. Cancelled when you get into combat)

* Resistance to Fear, Darkness, Blind, and Seduction spells is increased by 50%.

* You can bring out the true abilities from all types of tools.

* Shock absorption is increased by 20%.

* Poison resistance has increased by 50%.

* 10% increased attack and defense.

Ark smiled with satisfaction as he checked the information window. It had been one week since he entered the chaos space. He had reduced his sleeping hours to 3~4 hours a day and continued eating the wendigoes. The wendigoes were level 300~350. Since the level 370 Ark was fighting the wendigoes with an average level of 320, he didn’t receive a lot of experience. Even when he hunted the wendigoes that were level 350, he only received 60% of the experience. After hunting for a week, he fortunately managed to gain 3 levels.


Ark’s goal was to raise his Spiritual Power! And the result was a great success. He managed to gain an enormous extra 380 Spiritual Power. After seeing the results of his efforts in the information window, a giggle escaped.

“Huhuhuhu, 786 Spiritual Power…… Did you see? This is it! Now I can use the Ghost Knight Corps and Area Declaration skill! Huhuhuhu, hahaha…..ugh!”

Ark suddenly felt dizzy and stumbled.

Clack? Clack clack clack clack!

Razak who had been watching approached with anxiety. And sighed as he looked at Ark with pitying eyes. Right now Ark wasn’t in a position to be energetic. His eye sockets were so hollow they looked like something on a dead person. Cheekbones protruded from his face. His skin was tight and dehydrated. Ark had become a perfect mummy after one week. The reason Ark looked like that……

“Oh, Master. Don’t force it too much. Well, it was my pleasure.”

Racard folded up the many layers of fat on his stomach and spoke. Racard’s appearance was the complete opposite from Ark’s. His face was greasy and his stomach was so fat that it wobbled as he moved. Yes, it was him. He was the culprit who turned Ark into a mummy. For the past week, Racard had sucked Ark’s blood in order to use Moonlight Illusion. Even though he ate the stamina tonics, it was ineffective in recovering his physical strength. Racard absorbed energy from the blood and the result was the fat stomach. Therefore Ark was skin and bones from the malnutrition and lack of blood while Racard was obese and stuffed full of nutrition from the abuse of his Blood-sucking skill.

“It can’t be helped. Moonlight Illusion is needed to hunt a lot of wendigoes. And as planned, I managed to raise my Spiritual Power by 380. But, but…..’

“Now all the wendigoes are dried up. How regretful! Right Master?”

He felt his spirit darken as he listened to Racard’s words. However, Racard had now 100% grasped Ark’s personality. Because after sucking the blood so many times, he confirmed that there would be ‘absolutely no retaliation.’ No matter what he did, Ark wouldn’t change his attitude because he needed Racard.

‘Dammit, my summons are getting smarter and more ambitious as time goes by.’

Although Ark initially beat his pets for no reason, now that their heads became smarter he couldn’t beat them for no reason or else there would be backlash. If he wanted to discipline them then he always needed a new reason and that wasn’t easy.

‘Well, now that Racard is like this……

Ark looked at the pieces of land floating around him. For example, if a monk at a temple developed a taste for meat then wouldn’t he have to leave? After hunting for Spiritual Power through the week, he had managed to navigate through all the floating lands and killed the wendigoes. Fortunately the wendigoes were now gone like Racard said a short while ago.

“Now there’s only the quest left?”

For the past week Ark hadn’t even been thinking about the quest. If he freed the souls of the Fire Draconians inside Dragonian then the chaos space might reset to its original state. If that happened then the wendigoes which were dragged inside would also disappear. Therefore Ark wanted to maintain the chaos space even if he had to give up the quest. But after one week, he confirmed that the wendigoes didn’t respawn anymore. He had no choice but to complete the quest.

“There are no more wendigoes here. Let’s finish this.”

Ark recuperated using food and headed to his destination. Moving through the floating pieces of land in the chaos space wasn’t a problem for Ark anymore. At the first the land masses seemed to move erratically but after a while he realized that they moved in patterns. Just like planets orbiting the sun, they flowed around a central point. That point was right in the middle of the chaos space!


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