Death March new chapter

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6-34. End of Turmoil (2)

Satou’s here. In my childhood, the word “fiancee” was present in many stories. It has become obsolete before I know it, but I’ve realized that it’s not actually that fun when it befalls me, Satou.

“You’re Nee-san’s master huh?”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Satou, a merchant.”

The young knight with three scars on his face talked to me. He’s the captain of the 17th knight squadron of the dukedom that have followed Liza. Even though they’re knight of the dukedom, the captain doesn’t hide his social status, the vice-captain introduces themselves. Both of them are commoners. Maybe because of that, they feel more like mercenaries than knights. I’ve thought that a knight would be a ranked noble, but it doesn’t appear to be so.

The vice-captain beside him is wearing helmet, so his face can’t be seen, but his tribe is the rare panther-headed clan. Of course, I’m not going to deliberately touch upon it.

“Hoo, she wasn’t the guard of a noble but a merchant huh. At any rate, you’ve hired someone really capable, she can even use magic blade. You’re probably a heir to a very large merchant family right.”
“No, far from being large, I’m a merchant who doesn’t even have a store on his own. This time we’ve just had chance to meet with baron-sama.”
“Sorry, the captain is the type who speaks first before thinking.”

The vice-captain covered the last part of the captain’s talk, but I heard it. The vice-captain covered for the captain, but I think it wasn’t something to hide at all.

While we were chatting around, the maid earlier came back and guided us toward the stronghold.

“Aah! You’ve deceived me well back then!”

When we were dismounting the horses inside the stronghold, a high-pitched voice resounded. It’s the second daughter of the baron (Karina) from earlier.

“She comes out, that oppai lady.”
“That is enemy.”

Arisa and Mia spoke abusively in low voice. Since there’s something like lese majeste, do speak in low voice okay?

Swoosh, along with the sound of wind tearing the empty air, the lady’s fist has penetrated through the place where my face has just been.
Huh~? Suddenly battling huh. Is there any reason for me to get twisted in like this?

I try to hear her reason while avoiding.


I avoid a jab.

“Am I”

I turn over her hook.

“Being attacked?”

I handled the barrage of attacks from the lady who moved as if she was a fighting game character.
I can’t help but always got my awareness robbed by the shaking mountains that shook whenever she moved, but I tried to look desperate in avoiding her as much as possible. However, isn’t it painful when those things move that much?

I caught a sight of Liza and Pochi who are going to jump on her. Looks like the other three had controlled themselves from jumping in. I wave my hand when my eyes meet theirs.

“What’s with that composure desuno.”

After a slight lag, she tries to sweep my leg and I jump to avoid it.
Oops, we were in the middle of battle.

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