Vol. 3 Chapter 18: Late Night Visitor


At the north-eastern district outside the academy, there’s a high-class restaurant called ‘Dragon’s Night’. Currently, inside its private room, we were holding up our glasses to celebrate our victory for the day.

Other than Irlin and Princess Michelle, there were also Shir, Aliyah, Falan and the girls, and our classmates.

However, it was Princess Michelle’s idea to eat in this restaurant. Just like my former world, without having a certain level of identity, it wouldn’t be possible to enter a VIP-only restaurant like this.


Isn’t the notion in this world a bit too exaggerated? Even if our class had more than 30 people, there isn’t a need to offer us a room that could hold more than a 100 people, right? A table big enough to sit 50 people, and there’s two of them… Are you giving us the space to play Three Kingdom Slaughter or Werewolf Slaughter?

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