Vol. 3 Chapter 19: New Path

Hur Ice Afungus LV 38 Ice Magician LV ?? ?????? [Emperor of Ice Empire] [???] [???] [Forbidden Technique Possessor] [Bloody Ice Crystal]

Although I could see one of his class, however, his other class was not revealed.

As an empire which has Ice Magic as its pride, to think the emperor would have a class that is stronger than his Ice Magician class, this fact is making all of my hair strands stand.

I definitely must not anger this guy. Otherwise, I would no longer be able to move about freely in this entire continent…

The emperor’s hair was already grey in color, yet his pair of deep blue eyes held a cold light. He wore a blue robe with gold linings, and on the tip of his staff which he was holding, the cold aura emitting from the gem could be felt even from afar.

“Do not be afraid…

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