World Teacher Volume 2: Chapter 1 (8) (alternative)

Omega Harem Translations

An alternative translation for World Teacher Volume 2: Chapter 1 (8) is now available.

Main page.

Volume 2: Chapter 1

Compared to existing translations, this alternative one has quite a few differences in interpretation of numerous lines. I hope that people that have already read the chapter somewhere else give this one a go too (only if you want to, I’m not armed!).

Oh in case anyone is wondering, the (8) is the numbering of the chapter if I was to continue numbering instead of numbering by volume (as per Notes & disclaimers). Also, while I’ve labelled them ‘volumes’ and ‘chapters’ they technically should be ‘chapters’ and ‘parts/sections’.

For those who aren’t aware, Defiring is also back from academic hell, so there’ll probably be releases from him (over on his site) very soon.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this alternative translation of World Teacher Volume 2 Chapter 1…

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