Vol. 3 Chapter 20: Turning into a Woman is Impossible

After leaving the restaurant, there were three new items in my hands.

Two of them were the Ice Empire’s proof of citizenship and my proof as Ice Empire’s National Magician. I immediately threw these two items into my ring.

I could only use these two items when I’m in the Ice Empire, so it’s best to keep them in my ring for now.

And the last one was a notebook on magic that I received from the Emperor.

I heard it once belonged to an Ice Magical God who lived in the Ice Empire long ago, and tons of magical knowledge were written in it.

Of course, there’s no point in simply reading things like this. The only things that are useful are the Magical God’s original magic skills, which were recorded in the notes.

According to the Ice Empire’s emperor, this notebook is simply a collectible with a certain…

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