Choose your Novel !

Choose your Novel !

Hello Guys!

First read HERE for informations about the project.

With the poll below you can choose the novel (or not?) you want.

Below the poll there are links to the Teasers pages on different sites.

Please write in the comments if you want a different novel or if you want help with your current translations.

Sorry, oniisama!

Yomigaeri no Maou

(There are 2 TLs doing this project: here and here)

I’m Back in the Other World?

Re: An idiot can also save the world?

The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World

Synopsis done in a hurry (contains errors, pay attention !)

» On this continent where everything is controlled by the Dao [Chaos (Hùndùn)/ Laws(power)], Sovereigns keeps fighting wars  for (the possession of) lands and wealths. The central figures of the wars, with the power (shadow) of the Dao ( with the Dao engraved on the body), were mercenaries, the shadow of evil (were evil mercenaries).

The young mercenary Luo Yi, continued to battle the enemy incessantly on the battlefield, to obtain (gain possession of) the Dao and abilities. Everything in order to “become stronger”.

One day, a powerful Dao suddenly appears in front of him. It should have been a Dragon Spirit or a disaster with a Dao God King rank.

“Well, where are we?”

Why there was a girl who knew nothing about the world!? «

My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant)

Fast Synopsis on Iphone ( I hope it’s correct, but i think i missed one/two words?)

» Transported in the past (ancient times) to serve a (to be trained by) girl with fox ears and a poisonus tongue !?
Suwon Guang (Shuǐyuán guang) and his childhood friend Asahina found an old book in a ( shabby/ruined/old) sanctuary in ruins, and got sucked into the book, finding themselves in a strange land.

At this point he gets (help) a hand from a beautiful fox eared girl, self-proclaimed guardian of the Capital (land).

Faced with the at a loss Guang she started to talk:

Trash, is this the tone to speak to your master?

Guang to get back have to (must) serve this beautiful and mischievous (poisonous) fox eared girl spirit, find his childhood friend, falls in the plot, war or woman?

The different World Battle-love series (the battle-love series in a different world), instantly begins !! «

Others…. (comments please…)


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57 Responses to Choose your Novel !

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  2. Dam they are all good


  3. Tcol521 says:

    If you can you should do winner novel weekly and others monthly or whenever since they will be side projects. (>_>) *Whistling* – yes im a greedy reader

    Liked by 1 person

    • KiraKiller says:

      Let me live!! (つД`)ノ

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tcol521 says:

        I will trade your life for at least two chapters of Yomigari no maou since it obviously gonna win.

        QUEST LVL- S-S-S

        Reward- Your life and many readers and fans
        Failure-YOU DONT WANNA KNOW (HAS TORURE LVL OF Z-X-S-S-S . Even gods fear it)


  4. Tcol521 says:

    srry I ate the pizza already… No literally like just 10 minutes ago in real life… Lol so ionic XD


  5. Tcol521 says:

    found one in fridge.

    REWARD- 1 Slice of PIZZA from the heavenly realm for your life.

    BOOK GOD: Since I own your life you must dedicate yourself to translating the novel until 100% completion.

    -You have received a new Chain quest-
    You have been requested to not stop translating until you complete it.

    Reward- Keep your life, Higher chance of finding hidden treasure novels,20% increase in translation speed and acurracy,Learn [Language decoding] skill, Chance to enter immortal realm of knowledge and LIFETIME SUPPLY OF PIZZA.

    Rank SS

    Achievement -BARGAINING WITH GODS-
    EXTRA REWARD- For accomplishing a bargain with a God you may select one of these rewards accomplishing this Quest: succubuss as your future waifu in your next life, Immortal youth, [?????]


    • KiraKiller says:

      Weeell… I am pretty interested in the immortal youth… Mwahahah
      No serious, for finish my manga and novel collections i need eternal youth

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tcol521 says:

        BOOK GOD: *sigh* another one that only desire youth. Arent you even a tad curios about the [?????] ? Suprised you didnt pick waifu. ( she had Rank SSS Beauty and next Goddest of Beauty candidate)
        Are you sure that your choice? You should be warned that immortal youth is a curse/blessing.

        Also When will you be translating the novel? We can see Yomi is gonna win.


        • KiraKiller says:

          What ‘s dat? Another piece of pizza? And waifu? Psss i don’t have problem for dat… Yomi is gonna win? Ok, gimme my youth!
          Ps: i’ll start translating late july, on exams now


      • Tcol521 says:

        BOOK God- … ok, you will get it in -cough- 1556664.234 years. Theres a large line for that reward. Dont worry i put you in near front of line so your number 45??7?¿7¡98755¤776899»¿87##877831131¥67¤9967337998655766577734245577909987667766545567761123589987664234568¡??778~###########999890065433542355::’: in line.
        now to unveal what you missed. [?????]= potential to become a God. Learn skill seduction and Harem maker. Luck at Rank SSS.Immortal youth after reaching age 18(skip entire Line). and become Fiance of Top 5 Goddest of Beauty candidates who are also princesses of royal empires (one of them is Succubus xP).
        There was 5 ?’s for a reason. You missed the Deluxe Hidden Reward combo pack. oh well xP


      • Tcol521 says:

        you already got pizza earlier
        *munching on pizza in real life*


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  7. Kensei Seraph says:

    I don’t suppose anyone knows what The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World and My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant) are about?
    The other 4 all have a synopsis already.


  8. kirindas says:

    FYI, Yomigaeri no Maou was picked up by It’s a relatively new translator, but make sure to contact him if you pick it up so you don’t clash.


  9. SigFig says:

    Why… the… FUUUUUUUU*****… is my fox master not the top…. It’s comedy, and it has cat ears…


  10. Mike says:

    Yomigaeri no naou is allready being translated by two diffrent people so before you start translating you shoud realy ask its normal translator here: And its machine transkator here: so there arent any problems with three people translating the same novel. I personally think you shoud not translate Yomigaeri since there are allready people doing it unlike your other posible translations that no one is translating but that is just what i think.


  11. Val says:

    Yomigaeri no Iris-chan plz!


  12. Tcol521 says:

    I think all three group should work together. like say person A does Ch 22-24 Person B Ch25-27 Person C Ch 27-30. This would greatly speed up translating speed and put a bit less stress on Tlers since they can help each other or take a break after they finish their Chapters while waiting for others to finish the parts they are doing. This would also for example allow time for Person A to translate ahead of time to get more free time later. In long run you can have a surplus of chapters ready for future if something happen or you get bit lazy.
    Though this is just an idea of mine… you dont have to do it.


    • KiraKiller says:

      Yeah yeah, we can do like for Konjiki no Word Master or like for the completed TnY(ShieldBro).
      First is we distribuite chapters
      Second is i’ll help in crisis time


      • Shasu says:

        Quite honestly, couldn’t you do “I am back in the other world” as no one else is translating this? The story is pretty decent after all.

        Yomigaeri got 3 TLs with you. And while the Perverted Prince might treat this as side project, I do intend to release it weekly.

        I got no problems with a collaboration at all, but if you got the choice to take up a project no one else is doing… 😉


      • KiraKiller says:

        Obviously i’ll do Yomigaeri like a side project and the second novel in the poll for main project


      • Shasu says:

        That’s nice. I am glad someone is picking up that series properly as the Holy Sheep has been busy in RL as far as I comprehended it. 🙂


  13. jacobpaige says:

    Since people are still translating the first two (however slowly) and there aren’t even synopses for the other three, I went with I’m Back in the Other World since it seemed potentially interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. KiraKiller says:

    Synopsis for The Emperor’s Seal done

    Liked by 2 people

  15. Inbetweenaction says:

    What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked.

    written by Kihara Yuu(木原ゆう)

    teaser on oniichan by The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th)


  16. Armaell says:

    Where am I ?
    Yup, that’s my answser. I followed the link from our Esteemed Sheppard, don’t know where I am, there is a bunch of novels named and I don’t any of those (aaha, even the teaser I didn’t readed)
    So, I just want to say :
    “The best one win !”
    And maybe I’ll come back, and yeah, wanted to say something here. Strange are the things you do when you need to sleep~~


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