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CD Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 27, Secret Area

“Left Miluo Island?” Linley was suspicious as soon as he heard this.

Only a few days had passed since that last great battle, and Cecily had married Sequeira not too long ago. How could she suddenly leave Miluo Island? Even if she had truly left, others should have seen it. But in the past few days, he had asked many people. None of them knew anything about Cecily, nor had they seen her.

“He is lying!” Linley decided.

Why was he lying? Instantly, Linley had a terrible premonition in his mind.

“Everyone, follow me. We’re heading out.” Sequeira’s face was extremely sinister looking right now. After speaking, he led the group of people deep towards Suncutter Peak. Although Linley felt suspicious in his heart, he still followed.

Suncutter Peak. Linley’s group of nine floated into it.

Moments later, Linley’s group arrived at a deep cavernous tunnel, without a hint of sunlight within it. Sequeira was the first to enter the deep tunnel, while Linley’s group of eight hesitated slightly, then entered as well.

“Young master Sequeira.” A Highgod said through divine sense. “Where exactly is this secret area? This tunnel seems to be bottomlessly deep.”

“Just follow me.” Sequeira said calmly.

Linley and Lomio followed quite calmly. What was there to fear? This Sequeira was right in front of them, and either of them could easily kill Sequeira. They didn’t need to fear Sequeira playing any tricks at all. In addition, Linley had learned from Tarosse that the hidden area contained scryer recordings.

“Linley.” A voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley turned to glance at the nearby Lomio. Just now, the one who had sent him the mental message was Lomio. Lomio’s lips curved upwards, and he continued to chat through divine sense. “When I saw you fight, I became certain that the Four Divine Beasts clan really lives up to its fame. Might I ask how strong the other three branches of the Four Divine Beasts clan are?”

“Why so many questions?” Linley responded.

In truth, Linley himself knew very little regarding the Four Divine Beasts clan.

“Right. There’s no need to ask. I’ll know once I’ve truly fought with them. After we exit this secret area, let’s first have a little spar. Afterwards, I’ll head to the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent to seek out the experts of the other three branches of your Four Divine Beasts clan and compete with them.” Although Lomio’s face was calm, his eyes were shining.

Lomio was very eager to battle against other experts.

Linley couldn’t help but feel a headache coming.

As soon as he left the secret room, he would have to compete against this madman? It wasn’t that Linley didn’t like to compete, it was that Linley knew his own strength and weakness. It wasn’t so bad if he ran into an expert who specialized in material attacks, but if he encountered an expert in soul attacks, it would be terrible.

Linley cursed inwardly, “This guy, ugh. He’s even crazier than that Learmonth was. As soon as he encounters an expert, he wants to challenge them.”

While chatting with Lomio through divine sense, given the speed at which Linley was advancing, they had gone multiple kilometers. The strange thing was, however, that despite having gone down many kilometers into the cavern, there was still no end in sight.

“Given this depth, we should be deep within Miluo Island.” Linley guessed to himself.

Suddenly, Linley discovered that the corridor beneath them was completely filled with water.

“It’s all water down there. Are we still going down?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.

“Just follow me and cut out the chitchat.” Sequeira was feeling very unhappy right now. Linley’s words at Suncutter Peak had made his mood turn terrible Those words which Cecily had said before dying made him feel even more insulted than when he had discovered that Cecily had another person’s son in her womb!

“Drip, drip…”

Linley’s group followed Sequeira into the water, and the eight of them all formed protective coverings around their bodies, easily blocking the water.

“Back then, I should’ve asked Tarosse in detail as to what place this secret area actually is.” Linley felt puzzled. This water-logged passage had cave walls covered with green vegetation. Clearly, this passage had been filled with water for a long, long time.


The tunnel beneath them became smooth, and at the end of this smooth tunnel, a faint glow could be seen.

“We finally reached the end.” Linley couldn’t help but feel a sense of celebration. As soon as they exited the tunnel, however, they saw a world of endless, boundless water.

“Eh? The secret area is actually in the middle of the ocean?” Linley couldn’t help but speak out in astonishment.

Sequeira sneered. “Are you puzzled?”

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