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Ark Volume 18 Chapter 1

ACT 1 Return of the King


A heavy sigh flowed out. His expression sank even more as he looked at the residents gathered in the town hall. Galen the mayor of Lancel village, the Meow and Wolrang representatives as well as the thieves who were the representatives of the Samcheong College of Education were gathered. The group of people were why Shambala was sighing.  An unidentified bandit group was scheming to loot Lancel! He grasped that the bandit group had 300 people and that the numbers would increase even more. After Galen heard the shocking information, he summoned the representatives of each species for a meeting. And the meetings to prepare a counterattack continuously repeated. Since they were unable to come up with an answer over the last two days, a tired sigh would naturally emerge.

“Why is this happening……? The number of residents had increased and the village was finally becoming stable…..if we’re attacked then Lancel village will become like it was before…… Ah, why do these things always happen to Lancel village…….?”

Galen murmured with a pained expression. Then Shambala replied in impatient voice.

“Are you going to complain or resolve the problem? This is not the time for that. Like I said, this isn’t long left.”

“I know that. I understand……”

Galen sighed again with his haggard complexion.

“It’s really frustrating! How can we solve this problem?”

Then someone struck the table and shouted. With a flowing, silver ma, the big figure was the elder of the Wolrang clan.

“What’s the point of this meeting in the first place? We know the enemy will strike. In addition, they’ve also killed many of our species! Then isn’t there only one answer? Fight! Fight them to the death!”

“That’s right!”

“There is no need to wait for those guys!”

“Instead, we should go out and show them an example!”

The Wolrang clan members showed off their fangs and growled. Until recently, the Wolrang had been slaves in the vampire territory. After travelling to Lancel from the vampire territory, their wild instincts had awakened while travelling the continent. Therefore the Wolrang had awakened their instincts as warriors. When the Wolrang expressed their savagery, the atmosphere instantly became serious.

“No, that is……”

Galen stuttered with an unbearable expression.

“Bah, these dogs never change.”

The Meow elder Hassan who was sitting on the other side of the table snorted with her nose in the air. The eyes of the excited Wolrang simultaneously focused on Hassan.

“What you do mean by that you hairy balloon?”

“Didn’t you hear me? As expected from dogs, never listening to other people speak.”

“What? Dogs?”

“Haven’t you been listening? There are at least 300 of them. Furthermore, aren’t they all foreigners equipped with considerable skills? If we haphazardly attack without a plan than there is no telling what will happen.”

“Those cats… you want to try us?”

“Try you? It wouldn’t be bad.”

Hassan laughed and showed her claws. The Meow and Wolrang in the room growled at each other after being provoked. Then the raccoon clan representative cautiously said towards the two clan elders.

“My opinion is a little different. There is no way to stop the enemies with Lancel’s current power. Then shouldn’t all the residents take shelter and wait for those guys to pass? If they stay too long than the soldiers of Jackson will get involved and those guys will be forced to leave Lancel. If we protect the residents then we can reconstruct the town.”


The two elders shouted simultaneously.

“Are you running away because you’re a little afraid? Do you expect the Wolrang to take such dishonourable actions?”

“Bah, what a typical idea from the raccoons who only dig tunnels! They’re no different from the dogs!”

Thus another shouted match began. Both the Wolrang elder and the raccoon representative hit the table with an unpleasant expression.

“Tunnel? What do you mean? Aren’t you the ones who created the overpasses? We’re the ones who struck the nails in most of the buildings in this village! Do you think we want to leave it?”

‘Damn, it’s starting again.’

Shambala shook his head with a disgusted expression. There were a number of reasons for the unsuccessful meetings but this was the biggest problem. Lancel village was split into four different types of inhabitants. The ex-thieves, the Meow, the Wolrang and the raccoons. And the species that had the most right to speak were the natural warriors the Meow and Wolrang clan. But these two were literally cat and dog and didn’t get along. Since their living areas were separated and any big problems were arbitrated by Galen, this problem hadn’t really occurred before. Now if the Wolrang gave any advice than Hassan would just laugh, while the Wolrang would ignore Hassan is she tried to speak. Even the raccoon clan would sometimes interject their feelings, so the fighting meant the meetings couldn’t proceed properly.

‘Besides, there is also an issue with the mayor.’

Shambala clicked his tongue and looked at Galen. Galen was no doubt a good mayor. That was obvious since he was able to manage the Meow, Wolrang, thieves, racoons and the Baran clan in one village without any major problems. But unfortunately Galen had no ability as a field commander. No aside from his talent as a field commander, he couldn’t even handle it when the beast clans started arguing like this. And Shambala also didn’t have any talent as a field commander.

‘It really is crazy. Isn’t this a problem that occurs when different species are gathered together? But it will be impossible to defeat those guys just by listening to this……’

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