Chapter 1: Magical Beast

Hokage Translations

Chapter 1: Magical Beast

*Going with the original authors writing when talking about MC, BUT I will take a few liberties and changes things up if it sounds much better depending on the situation*

It has approximately been 550 days since I have been living in this cave. I’ve been staring at  the characters I carved out into a wall. It resembles snow leopard because of its white and black fur along its body. This magical beast already looks like the size of a snow leopard back on Earth, but I was amazed to learn it’s still far from its adult size. Staring at beast in front of me I poked its nose with my finger, to its dissatisfaction open its eyes and stared at me pouting. With a tail twice as long as its body, going pesi-pesi as it sways, against my body. Without looking back at me, it…

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