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CD Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 29, Unable to Leave!


Linley felt his heart turn cold.

“What an enormous lie!” Linley began to shudder.

Demigods. Gods. Highgods. Generally speaking, all those capable of winning a hundred battles had high potential and some special abilities! In addition, after arriving at Castle Hendsey, they had to be tested. Only after their potential was verified would they be allowed to stay, while the others were deported.

“All those who are allowed to stay have special potential.”

“Wait! If that’s the case, how can we explain Dylin?” Linley, based on the series of events and on the fact that Dylin and Tarosse had chosen the Bagshaw clan’s side, was now certain that Dylin had been controlled as well.

Linley immediately came up with a possibility…

“It’s not just those who pass the test who are spiritually controlled. Even if they don’t pass, most likely they will still be controlled. Only, a subordinate will do it instead.” Linley understood this; after all, how could any hundred battles victor of the Arena be weak?

The more the merrier, as far as soldiers for one’s forces.

Pondering this from the viewpoint of the master of Castle Hendsey, instantly understood: “The so-called examination is most likely to divide people based on their power. After determining how powerful an opponent is, they’ll know what level of expert is needed to control that person.” The more powerful a person was, the harder they would be to control.

For the likes of Lomio, a Seven Star Fiend, it would be incredibly difficult to control him.

“Lomio and I didn’t need to be tested at all. This means…very possibly, this master of the castle, the so-called lord ‘Commander’, will personally deal with us.” Thinking of this, Linley couldn’t help but be frightened. Even in Miluo Island, there were quite a few red-robed elders.

Within Castle Hendsey, there were multiple Six Star Fiends and Seven Star Fiends.

“Even Seven Star Fiends have been effortless controlled. Then the power of this Lord Commander…?” Linley frowned. For the Lord Commander to be able to control Seven Star Fiends meant one thing…this person was extremely powerful with regards to the soul.

But what Linley feared the most…

Was precisely this, experts skilled in soul attacks!

“When I encounter this castle master, I won’t be able to resist at all. Can it be that I will have to use my Sovereign’s Might?” Linley immediately thought back to how the clan leader, Bakwill, had Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might himself. “This master of the castle is clearly the true power behind the Bagshaw clan. Even Bakwill has Sovereign’s Might…how can the master of the castle now have it?”

“Someone capable of letting Miluo Island stand proud and independent in the Infernal Realm…the power this master of the castle possesses is at a level which I definitely cannot take on.”

Linley immediately came to a conclusion…


He had to flee!

Linley turned to look at the window. Ganmontin was currently resting in his room. Ganmontin now only had his divine water clone, and it would be very easy for Linley to kill Ganmontin.

“Cannot kill him! If I kill him, I would attract attention, and they will definitely keep a close watch on me. If I want to leave, it will be very hard.” Linley, after having come to this understanding, couldn’t possibly remain here and wait for death.

He had to flee quickly!

“Just consider yourself lucky.” Linley glanced at the wind, then immediately utilized the Worldwalker technique and entered the ground.

After having come to this conclusion, Linley himself felt shock in his heart. Based on what he knew…his hypothesis was most likely 99% correct! It no longer mattered whether or not this place truly had scryer records of experts; he couldn’t remain!

Having one’s soul controlled was a fate worse than death!

On the city walls that were forty meters tall, there were a large number of patrolling black armored guards. Occasionally, there were some red cloaked guards amongst them. This place was more severely guarded than any other place Linley had ever seen.

All of the black armored guards were silent, not daring to make a sound.

However, the red cloaked guards would occasionally chat, as though quite relaxed.

“Each time Arena victors are sent here, even we have to come over and be on patrol.” Two red cloaked warriors were walking alongside each other while chatting and laughing.

“Actually, all we need to do is capture anyone we see fleeing. The real task of oversight isn’t for us to worry about; it’s that thing over there.” One of the red cloaked warriors pointed to the core of the city.

“You are talking about the Water Element Heart?”

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