Death March new chapter

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Death March kara Hajimaru isekai Kyusoukyoku Volume 6 Chapter 6 Intermission 2

Intermission: Muno’s Past

This is a saloon on the corner of the royal palace. It’s dim even in midday due to the numerous thick curtains covering the light from outside, magic tools illuminate from below. Curtains are hanging from the roof and decorative plants are set to divide sofa sets as if to obstruct the views.

For that reason, the identity of the people in this place aren’t known–That’s how it is.

Furthermore, the gaps between each sofas are large, magic tools for changing voices are used and they talk in whisper to the point that the other person sitting on the next seat can barely hear it.

This is the place where gossips from all over Shiga kingdom are gathered.

It’s an important place for the nobles to not only talk about scandals, but also to exchange informations revolving national defense that have been transmitted using magic.

“Have you heard about it?”

One gentlemen sits down while greeting someone in secret.
Publicly, the person shouldn’t be known, but everyone knows who’s the one who can sit on that sofa set. They only pretend to not know.

“Is it about marquis Muno?”
“Oh, you’re quick.”
“Right now, everyone is talking about that story. Like how undeads are attacking Muno city.”
“Half a day after the initial report from the royal palace emergency room, there’s no more additional information, it’s worrying.”
“I can’t imagine the elites of the marquis fall to something like undeads. They’ve probably been repulsed already, but it’d be a good opportunity to get the right of the marquis’ territory depending on the damage.”
“Well, everyone, please calm down. Why don’t we let him tell us the latest information.”

The high class people who have been talking turn toward an old man with good build.
Everyone are seemingly hungry of new informations, the buzz suddenly stops at once.

“Territory of marquis Muno has been defeated by the undeads army.”

From that words, the bustling is revived from the silent.

“That can’t be.”
“They should have golem corps and even magician corps there.”
“Moreover, they should had just bought a lot of tigerkin slaves from the weaselkin and made large battalions.”
“They should have been one of the strongest five forces in this country.”
“What actually happened?”

Their surprises are natural. Marquis Muno holds a very vast territory that produces many gold, silver, and even mithril and magic ores from their leading mines. Backed by that assets and various luxuries that even the king lack, the marquis had amassed armed forces that could even fight against the king’s armies.

“We have to wait for more reports to understand what actually happens, we’ve only received the report that 『The marquis capital has fallen』 from the the birdkin of duke Oyugock’s intelligence unit.”

Silence dominates the room, but then the oldest gentleman who holds a cane starts to talk.

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