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I Shall Seal The Heavens Chapter 29

Inner Sect Training

Yin Tianlong’s face fell as he looked at the character ‘eight’ on the jade slip in front of him. Hands behind his back, he used his Wind Walking technique to float up onto the platform.

The moment his feet touched down, Wang Tengfei lifted his right foot, and suddenly the entire platform began to vibrate with a loud hum, as if some sort of blast was accumulating from all corners. Wang Tengfei didn’t move, but the massive invisible force shot toward Yin Tianlong.

When he saw this, Yin Tianlong’s face changed. Wang Tengfei had not even moved, yet the massive pressure bearing down on Yin Tianlong was already making it difficult for him to circulate his spiritual energy.

“I admit defeat…” he said immediately and without hesitation. Apparently, he didn’t want to hear any comments about his decision. Saluting deeply with cupped hands, he leaped off the platform and left the square.

Grand Elder Ouyang remained expressionless. Slowly, he spoke again: “Wang Tengfei is victorious. Second match: numbers two and seven.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Fatty looked at the character ‘two’ written on his jade slip and began to tremble. At the same time, the scar-faced Cultivation monk of the fifth level of Qi Condensation glared coldly at him, then stepped onto the platform.

“Just walk up and then admit defeat,” Meng Hao said to him in a low voice, pushing him forward. Fatty’s ball-like body flew up onto the platform.

As soon as he landed, he immediately said: “Admit defeat…” He dared not speak three words, only two, and yet the scar-faced Cultivation monk’s eyes flickered with murderous intent. Before Fatty could finish speaking, he lifted up his hand. A flying sword shot screaming toward Fatty at incredible speed. By the time Fatty said ‘admit,’ it was half a meter from his throat.

By the time it was obvious what was happening, it was too late. Meng Hao’s face changed and he shot to his feet. At the same time, Grand Elder Ouyang flicked an object out with his fingers. Right before the flying sword penetrated Fatty’s throat, a ringing sound could be heard and the sword flew away. Fatty was left with a small nick on his neck.

Fatty took a step back, his face pale. Then he jumped down and returned to Meng Hao, so scared that his legs were like rubber. He had never before experienced the closeness of death in such a way.

Meng Hao looked at the line of blood on Fatty’s neck, and a murderous look appeared in his eyes. His opponent had attacked with extreme ruthlessness and an obvious desire to kill. Were Meng Hao his opponent that would have been fine, but Fatty’s Cultivation Base was too low. To attack him in such a way was going too far.

Looking around, Meng Hao caught sight of Shangguan Xiu standing in the distance, his grim face filled with murder. Flames of fury burst out in Meng Hao’s heart. He had never done anything to offend Master Uncle Shangguan; Master Uncle Shangguan was the aggressor, the one who attacked with deadly force.

In all his years in the Reliance Sect, Meng Hao had never revealed an intense desire to kill. But now, his eyes shone with clear killing intent.

What had just happened was so obviously fishy that even the surrounding Cultivation monks could tell. One after another, they began to look at Meng Hao. Discussions broke out.

“Next match, numbers three and six,” said Grand Elder Ouyang with a frown.

Han Zong stood, the number three jade slip in his hand. As he walked past Meng Hao, he whispered, “You offended Master Uncle Shangguan. You won’t be the only one to die today. Your friend will die too.” You could say that other than a Grand Elder, Shangguan Xiu was the most powerful and influential member of the Sect.

Because of the decline of the Reliance Sect, its numbers were few. The chaos of the Sect rules, and mutual slaughter among the Outer Sect disciples, all of this, was because the Reliance Sect was at the end of an era, and just wasn’t like it used to be.

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