Legendary Moonlight Sculptor new chapter

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LMS Volume 25 Chapter 5

Secret Swordsmanship

Weed was making sculptures of Zahab’s swordsmanship. The final theme was to sculpt several individual sculptures to create an image of the consecutive movements of a specific swordplay sequence.

Mastery of Swordsmanship skill increased.

Sculptures showing swordplay. They were also based on Zahab’s swordsmanship so while making the sculpture, his mastery of the swordsmanship skill increased easily. As Weed could possible receive a one of a kind sword skill from Zahab, he sculpted day and night without stopping.

“Sculpting requires physical labor compared to all the other art forms. But Zahab also dedicated himself to the sword, so maybe among painters someone might have similarly dedicated himself to magic.”

He pondered on this baseless speculations.

Sculptors had endurance and fitness, painters had high wisdom and intelligence. There was nothing that prevented the Art class from such happenstance.

“Sigh. Just when I was finally getting to live life.”

The chilly and windy month of March!

Lee Hyun saddled his bag like a turtle and slowly waddled to the bus taking him to university.

“To go back to university, can there be anything more terrible than this?”

There was no tingle of excitement and the cold weather only added to the misery of going to university.

“I heard they only gathered prodigies for this years freshmen.”
“Especially the virtual reality department, they said the competition for entrance was insane.”
“Well, it is the most famous industry right now.”

Gossip about the freshmen floated around the bus. Lee Hyun believed that it was good manners for a university student to be absent for the first week, when all entrance ceremonies were occurring.

With the new students, a gentle spring breeze blew through the campus.

‘This has absolutely nothing to do with me.’

Even though the fresh juniors with their awkward makeup and mini skirts entered, Lee Hyun gave them no mind and continued on his way.

“Ah, hyung you came?”

Coming into the lecture hall Choi Sang Jun pretended to be friendly.

“Hello, Sunbae-nim!”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you for the first time.”

Beside him there were two well mannered female students sitting together. With their sophisticated looks and charm these two who could be picked as the most popular freshmen were currently talking with Choi Sang Jun.

“This guy is my peer, but he’s a hyung who’s a bit older.”

To the freshmen, Lee Hyun did not look easy to approach.

‘They pretty themselves up like that and pretend they did not eat anything and beg the Sunbae to treat them. First they would be satisfied by the university’s cafeteria, then at the end they would ask for a shot of alcohol and drag you off to a spicy stir fried chicken restaurant. They are not some malnourished college women… therefore I must never buy food for the freshmen.’

“Ah, yeah that’s right.”

Lee Hyun just nodded and sat in the empty seat nearby . But their chattering could be heard clearly.

“Sunbae-nim, I watched the scene of Black Lion’s guild capturing Bison.”
“Yeah, I was very active in that war. Did you see the knight that destroyed the castle gate with his spear?”
“Yes. It was so cool. The knight was riding on his horse and the spear just destroyed it. Oh, could it possibly be Sunbae-nim?”
“No, he’s my hyung, one of the founding members of the Black Lion’s guild. My horse died recently, so I had to climb the siege ladder.”

Choi Sang Jun had a lot of pride when he was talking about the achievements of the Black Lion’s guild. In Versailles continent, if one had the symbol of the Black Lion’s guild on their armor, they received preferential treatment. Even murderers who were part of a great guild were overlooked.

That’s why a lot of merchants joined famous guilds, paying portion of their income willingly for the benefits they receive. Guilds operated castles, villages, mines and through the activities of the merchants earned income to grow their strength and influence.

In truth, Royal Road had every different kind of method to survive and there were many players that enjoyed playing it casually. They could level up through hunting and become known for their bravery, or just wander through the tourist spots and make enough money to live by.

Royal Road was full of things to enjoy and many players did not try to stray far from the city. Hunting in a dungeon for several days was difficult and did not fit the aptitude of many players. After struggling with their studies in reality, they connect to Royal Road and stayed in a vacation spot with many alluring women, what more could they hope for?

But there was something about fighting monsters and increasing territory in Versailles continent that made the heart beat faster.

“Hyung, you are here?”

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