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Chapter 271: City of the Ancients

Wild Butterfly Plain, sunset.

The entire group of people just stood there, despite the fact that it was already ten o’clock at night.

“Is that all [Hero’s Mound] is going to do?” asked one of [Blood Contract]’s vice leaders, Who’s Blue.

Han Bei Song grimaces, “Not necessarily….”

I sheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword and smiled: “Doesn’t matter; Ba Huang City, Fan Shu City and Jiu Li City were fated to be the three chaotic war zones. Where there are men, there are wars, and this saying holds true especially in this cold virtual reality game, where a lack of battle actually makes the game boring. I don’t know if [Hero’s Mound] will give up like that, but I do know that Wang Ze Cheng definitely won’t give up so easily.”

Matcha blinked a few times, “Furthermore… Q-Sword’s attitude was very ambiguous; he didn’t say how he was going to deal with the First Division. On top of that, [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division has already settled down. They’d be unwilling to return to Fan Shu City even if we wanted them to. There will be battles in the future; today’s was definitely not the last.”

Wan Er stood by my side as she lightly smiled, “I’ll go back to Fan Shu City to ask Q-Sword and find out exactly what his thoughts are on these events. If he’s truly trying to provoke [Zhan Long], Dong Cheng and I will leave [Hero’s Mound] in a heartbeat, bringing along with us the players loyal to us back to Ba Huang City. If not, then Dong Cheng and I will stay in [Hero’s Mound] for the remaining 24 days….”

“24 days, so long….” I murmured.

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Okay okay, it really isn’t that long. I’ve been counting down the days…”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled at us, then tilted her head at me: “Boss, if Wan Er and I join [Zhan Long], what kind of positions would you give us?”

I mused aloud, “Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian can be my Vice Guild Masters, Dong Cheng can be an elder; though I apologize, you went from a boss at [Hero’s Mound] to only an elder at [Zhan Long]….”

Dong Cheng Yue blushed, and said with a mischievous smile, “Alright, seems like it’s even harder to succeed in [Zhan Long] than in [Hero’s Mound]. At least in [Hero’s Mound] I could pass off as a Vice Guild Master. Wuwu, Boss has to look after me more, and spoil me a bit……”

Old K’s face turned green, “What…what kind of attitude is that? ‘Spoil her more’, what does that mean? Why can’t I understand that?”

Wan Er was also speechless, “Alright alright, Dong Cheng, stop messing around. Look, you even made Xiao Yao’s face red….”

I lifted my head, “Oh, no that’s from being in the sun for far too long…..”

On the side, Matcha cautioned, “Hey, we should stop talking about these meaningless things. One hour ago, it was officially announced that tomorrow morning from 9-12, they will be conducting maintenance. At the same time, every major city will have a new city……”

“A new city?” I was shocked, “What does that even mean?”

Matcha chuckled, “Actually, it doesn’t exactly count as a city; it’s a ‘City of the Ancients’. At least that’s what this version is called. Every month, every major city will create a new City of the Ancients, and within each of these, there will be many different monsters to engage the players in siege battles. There will be a total of 10 different monster mobs, and players will compete to be the first to get within the city walls, as well as kill the strongest boss, for the chance to get the best reward. Also, there’s 100% chance that that player will get a City of the Ancients ‘God of Commerce Badge’…..”

“God of Commerce Badge?” Wan Er was also surprised: “Sister Matcha, what is a God of Commerce Badge?”

Matcha waved her hand and smiled: “It’s really simple. People with God of Commerce Badges can apply for a piece of land from the city’s ruler. This piece of land can then be used to open up a booth. These are the rumored playerbooths, where the popularity of a seller is dependent on the fortuity of the city. Looks like…. the first player to open a store in Ba Huang City will definitely be successful. At the moment, Ba Huang City has close to 2,500,000 players…. Everyday everyone is spending 1RMB, which means a player can earn 2,500,000 RMB in profit….”

“Tomorrow at 12?” I asked.

“Yup!” Matcha firmly nodded, “Therefore, our [Zhan Long] has to defeat this City of the Ancients. We don’t have any other options, hehe, Boss, do you agree?”

I strongly agreed, “We have to defeat it!”

Dong Cheng Yue was puzzled, “Why?”

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