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CD Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 31, Purgatory Commander

Linley remembered the name ‘Reisgem’ very, very clearly.

Back in the Amethyst Mountains when Linley had been testing out ‘Worldwalking’, he had fallen into the hands of that juvenile amethyst beast, who had announced his name and that he was a Purgatory Commander, wanting to overawe Linley. Unfortunately, Linley had no idea what Purgatory was and thus had no idea what it meant for a person to be a Purgatory Commander.

“Crackle.” Countless black energy strands surrounded Linley, and they were incomparably stiff, causing Linley to be completely unable to move. Even though Linley’s strength was massive and inexhaustible, the speed at which he destroyed the black energy bindings was slower than the speed by which they increased.

“Kid, don’t use your Sovereign’s Might. You’d be wasting it if you did.” The low, gentle voice continued.

Linley turned his head in astonishment. Fortunately, the black energy strands didn’t cover Linley’s head as well. Linley could clearly see that ancient armor, and that red-haired man standing in mid-air, holding that massive sledgehammer.

“What do you want to do?” Linley chuckled. “What, you want to dominate my soul?”

“You even know about this?” The master of Castle Hendsey was quite surprised.

While the two were chatting, the master of the castle had set up his Godrealm, completely blocking out their conversation, while those who were watching from afar couldn’t see a single thing.

“Come with me. Let’s have a nice chat.” The master of the castle actually flew downwards.

“Follow him?” Linley was stunned.

The master of the castle, seeing that Linley wasn’t moving, turned and glanced at him, then laughed calmly, “Given your soul strength as a God, you are far from being my match. Controlling you would be utterly effortless. There’s no need for me to play any tricks.”

“If there’s something you want to say, you can say it here.” Linley said.

The master of the castle glanced at him, amazed, then began to laugh and nod. “Fine. I’ll do as you say.” For so many years, nobody had ever dared to speak to him in such a way. And so, the master of the castle began to chat with Linley in the air above Castle Hendsey.”

“First, let me introduce myself. I am Mosi [Mo’si] Bagshaw! The master of this Castle Hendsey.” The master of the castle had a hint of a smile on his face.

The master of the castle was of the Bagshaw clan as well!

Linley had noticed that the ‘master of the castle’, so valiant in battle, actually spoke in a very soft, gentle voice, and his smile was quite friendly as well. He didn’t give off any aura of being a rude boor at all. Linley replied, “I am Linley.”

“Can you tell me what your relationship is with Reisgem, for you to actually convince him to make a soul-protecting divine artifact for you?” The master of the castle, Mosi, laughed calmly.

“Reisgem…made me a soul-protecting divine artifact?” Linley was astonished.

“Isn’t that the case?” Mosi laughed calmly. “I’ve heard of your combat prowess. You were able to kill so many Highgods, and also defeat ‘Boslo’. Your soul protection must be very strong. However, you were only a God. How powerful could your soul possibly be? The soul of a God, in terms of ‘quality’, is simply far too inferior compared to Highgod souls!”

“It is true that I have a soul-protecting artifact, but what of it?” No matter what, Linley wouldn’t dare say that he had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

Otherwise, most likely this ‘Mosi’ in front of him would be unable to resist being greedy.

“There we go.” Mosi laughed. “It is exceedingly hard to create a soul-protecting artifact. You must understand, first of all, a person who wants to make this must have an exceedingly high level of accomplishment with regards to the soul. In the entire Infernal Realm, there are very few people capable of making a soul-protecting artifact. Reisgem, however, is one of them.”

“You are able to utilize his trademark special skill, the ‘Amethyst Space’; you definitely were taught by him. Thus, I said that your soul-protecting artifact must have come from him helping you make it as well.” Mosi said very confidently.

Linley shook his head. “My Gravitational Space did indeed originate from him, this is true. But the soul-protecting artifact wasn’t made by him.”

“Oh?” Mosi glanced at Linley in surprise, then laughed. “I must say, you are quite mysterious, kid. Your body is so incomparably tough; even amongst the Four Divine Beasts clan, this is exceedingly rare. And you also have a soul-protecting artifact, and have some sort of a relationship with Reisgem…”

Linley frowned.

This Mosi had talked with him for so long. Why? But it seemed as though the man didn’t have the intention to kill him.

Mosi, seeing the look on Linley’s face, couldn’t help but laugh, then said comfortingly, “Kid, don’t worry. Even if it were just for the sake of giving Reisgem face, I won’t kill you. Only, I feel you are quite curious, kid, so I want to chat with you a bit.”

Linley let out a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t expect that because of that juvenile amethyst beast, I dodged a catastrophe today.” Linley had great faith in this castle master Mosi, as the man’s power far outstripped his own. There was no need for Mosi to lie to him if he wanted to kill him.

“Why are you so certain that I am a God?” Linley asked.

“Haha…” Mosi immediately began to laugh. “Kid. Forget about the Infernal Realm; even if you were to search the entire Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes, you would at most find ten who are superior to me in terms of the soul! However, although they are slightly superior to me, there’s no way they could possibly completely conceal their strength in front of me.”

Linley was secretly shocked.

Four Higher Planes and Seven Divine Planes…in all those combined planes, there were no more than ten people who were superior to Mosi in terms of the ‘soul’?

Then that meant…

In the Infernal Realm, Mosi’s soul power should rank in the top three! The Infernal Realm had existed for countless years, and it contained experts beyond number, while many of the ‘Asuras’ had received their position after many of the original Asuras had retired and gone into seclusion.

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