Vol. 3 Chapter 23: Inexplicable Murder

The reason why I accepted it so easily was not because I was confident of not getting killed. In fact, if an enemy filled with question marks were to attack me without even greeting me, I would definitely die instantly.

But, after looking at the quest objective, I smiled.

This quest was simply too easy. If you were to prevent me from dying, then I might face some difficulties.

However, as long as I were to make them think that I’m still alive, then it would be so much easier. After all, I’m able to resurrect freely in this academy.

Even if I was killed, as long as I were to appear after resurrecting and prove that I’m alive, then the quest will still be completed.

This is so simple.

Also, adding my current legendary disguise skill, this quest could even be categorized as ‘Very Easy’.

“Looks like your guts…

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