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Ark volume 18 chapter 2

ACT 2: Crime File

“I understand. We’ll do it and immediately report.”

The guards of Lancel village saluted and ran away. As the commander of the war, Ark had organized the troops for different tasks. Once again, NPCs also had levels like users. The Wolrang were level 300 and their abilities were roughly equal to a user with the equivalent level. But those rough estimates were difficult in this situation. Several of the ex-thieves and beast clans had raised their level and learn skills as well. It was important to know oneself as well as one’s opponent. If Ark didn’t have a proper grasp of the military power than he would be unable to map out a proper strategy. So the first thing he had to do was determine the accurate information of his allies. Of course, the NPCs had no concept of things like level but an approximate guess could determine their position.

‘After I grasp the number of allies and their abilities, I can build a detailed strategy…….’

The next place Ark visited was the raccoons.

“Ark-nim, I heard that you came.”

The raccoons welcomed him as he entered their place.

“Will I be able to use the things I requested last time?”

Ark asked with a sense of expectation. Just like the Hermes alliance had always been thinking of Ark, Ark had always been thinking of the Hermes alliance. Ever since the Hermes alliance occupied Silvana, he was sure that he would one day conflict with them. So Ark had visited the raccoons and requested a secret project from them. He thought it was still too early to use but he had no choice in this situation. If ‘it’ would help in battle then he would use it. But the raccoon in charge of it shook his head.

“It’s at the finishing stages but some time is still needed for completion.”

“…..That’s right. It’s fine if it’s not possible but please hurry as much as you can.”

“We’ve mobilized all our staff and have been staying up all night.”

“Then I have another request for you.”

“Please say it.”

“How many members of the raccoon clan can you rally immediately?”

“All the works except for the ones Ark-nim requested have been currently suspended. If necessary then we can rally everybody.”

“Then please work according to my directions from now on.”

Ark spread out a map and explained it to raccoon in charge. As expected, the emphasis was on the defense of the main buildings. Through the information obtained, Jewel’s main goals was not slaughtering the residents but the magic tower, Ark’s store and looting the village. There were hundreds of people so once the confusion fight started than he wouldn’t be able to 100% stop them. So Ark’s top priority were some countermeasures.

“Please create a barrier using steel plated wood around the main buildings. How long would that take?”

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