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CD Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 1, Training Speed

“Rumble…” The waves of the Starmist Sea struck against the shores of Miluo Island. The clan leader of the Bagshaw clan, Bakwill, watched alongside Uriah and the others as Linley’s group boarded their metallic lifeform, beginning their journey towards the Bloodridge Continent.

The metallic lifeform had once more transformed into a ship. On the front of the ship.

“We finally left.” O’Brien let out an emotional sigh.

“Right. We left.” Cesar repeated. “I’ll forget this place. Forever!” Linley glanced at Cesar. Previously, Cesar had asked him to help investigate what had happened to Cecily. Although Linley had discovered that the situation seemed off, and that it was uncertain whether or not Cecily was still alive…

He still told Cesar that Cecily was perfectly fine and still living in the clan estate.

“Perhaps this way, Cesar will feel a bit better.” Linley said to himself.

“We’re finally leaving. Father, we’re finally leaving.” The elder Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion, ‘Cleo’, was extremely excited as well. In the past, he and his brother had no idea that their father had been under soul domination. Only now did they know.

They felt a surge of terror just thinking about it.

“Right. We’re leaving. We’ve escaped.” Dylin stared into the distant southeastern skies, not turning at all. He would most likely never return to Miluo Island ever again.

“Screeech!” An ear-piercing sound suddenly shook the heavens.

Linley turned to look. It was Tarosse. Tarosse’s head was raised, and he was emitting an ear-piercing screech, his entire body trembling. After a long time, he finally ceased his howling. Tarosse turned to look at Linley, his eyes slightly red. “Linley. I won’t say too much about this great kindness you have shown me. Thank you.”

Someone who had never been soul dominated would never understand how Tarosse and Dylin were currently feeling.

“Haha, let’s go. Let’s go to the Bloodridge Continent. Let’s go to the Indigo Prefecture.” Linley held Delia by the hand.

Their trip over the Starmist Sea was very calm. They occasionally met a few bandits, but given the power of Linley’s squad, the Highgods amongst them only had to show themselves and the bandits were immediately terrified and would flee.

This trip was an uneventful one.

Within the ship cabin.

Linley was seated in the meditative stance in a corner. His original body as well as his three divine clones were all in this state. After this last experience, Linley realized what his greatest weakness was. His soul!

It wasn’t that his profound mysteries in terms of soul defense was weak!

At present, he had fused the Throbbing Pulse of the World, Gravitational Space, and the Essence of the Earth. His soul defense, in terms of profound mysteries, wasn’t weak. The biggest problem was his foundation; in other words, the strength of his soul1

The power of a God’s soul, in quality, was far weaker than that of a Highgod’s soul. Although Linley, through using soul-related profound mysteries, had soul defense comparable to that of an ordinary Highgod, and also had that damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact…it was precisely because of that Sovereign artifact that Linley was able to roam the Starmist Sea, slay Ganmontin, and slay so many Highgods. If he didn’t have it, how could Linley, a mere God, possibly be so strong?

Sovereign divine artifacts were simply too powerful.

“Right now, my number one target must be to reach the Highgod stage as soon as possible.” Linley knew where he needed to develop himself. “Once I become a Highgod, I can once again refine a large amount of amethysts, and with amethysts as well as the natural Highgod boost, my soul power will increase tens of times over! Once that happens, as long as I only need to defend that flaw in the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, I won’t need to be afraid of even a Seven Star Fiend skilled in soul attacks.”

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