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Chapter 31: Fight!

“Final match of the training,” said Grand Elder Ouyang, looking encouragingly at Meng Hao. “Meng Hao and Wang Tengfei. The victor shall be promoted to the Inner Sect.”

Everyone stared at Meng Hao as he leapt up onto the platform. Wang Tengfei opened his eyes and casually stepped up. Conversations erupted amongst the Outer Sect disciples.

“Meng Hao really dares to step onto the platform. His Cultivation Base is pretty good, and he did kill Han Zong, but this is Elder Brother Wang he’s fighting. He really doesn’t know his own limitations.”

“There will always be stumbling blocks on the path to power. This is just a little pebble that Elder Brother Wang has to walk over on his rise to the top.”

“I remember when he snatched a magical item that Elder Brother Wang had given someone as a gift. When Elder Brother Wang took it back, he was like an ant in front of him.” Conversations filled the air, filled with ridicule. It wasn’t that everyone felt great enmity towards Meng Hao, but rather, in their hearts, Elder Brother Wang was someone you just didn’t mess with.

“If he dies under Wang Tengfei’s hand, it won’t be easy to get his bag of holding,” thought Shangguan Xiu, frowning. He looked at Meng Hao.

Even as everyone in the crowd sneered at Meng Hao, once again putting him at odds against the world, suddenly, a shrill, clear voice suddenly rang out.

“Go Meng Hao! You’re gonna win! The next Inner Sect disciple will definitely be Meng Hao!” It was Fatty, shouting out from down in the square in his cracking, teenage voice.

The jumble of voices reached Meng Hao, but they seemed very far away. He stood there calmly, staring coldly at Wang Tengfei. Meng Hao knew that from the moment he had entered the world of Cultivation until now, he had never faced a more powerful opponent. This would be his most difficult battle yet.

But he wouldn’t shrink back. He would fight. He would attack. There are some things in life that a man must do, because of dignity.

The scene from that day continued to play out in his head, and he absentmindedly rubbed his bag of holding.

Inside were the ten blood-stained fingernails he’d plucked out of his palms.

Wang Tengfei stood there calmly, giving a cool look to Meng Hao. His eyes were placid, as if he were looking down at an insect. He looked just like he did that year.

He waved his right hand as if he were flicking away a bug, and in front of him a spinning Whirlwind appeared, about as tall as a person. It whirled towards Meng Hao.

Meng Hao’s eyes gleamed. He had nothing to say to Wang Tengfei. Everything he wanted to say could be said with swords, magic, and this most fierce battle in all his 18 years of life.

He stepped forward, lifting his right hand and sending a Wind Blade screaming toward the Whirlwind. It radiated a savage wind as it flew forward.


He slapped his bag of holding, and twenty flying swords flew out in a line. Some seemed to be bent, unable to fly straight, but their sword auras glittered blindingly. He lifted a finger on his right hand and pointed. The twenty flying swords became a rainbow as they shot with immense power directly toward Wang Tengfei.


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