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Mo Tian Ji new chapter, enjoy!

Chapter 7 – Yuan Li Manipulation

Liu Ming couldn’t help picking up the Bronze Bracelet with an astonished expression on his face.

This bronze bracelet was as light as the wind, as if it was weightless.

“Is this Young Master Bai’s totem?” Liu Ming carefully inspected the bracelet in his hand before asking.

“That’s right.The Tiger’s Bite Bracelet is a rarely seen upper tier totem with both offensive and defensive capabilities and can be ranked amongst the top ten totems even within the Bai Clan.” Gu Lao San explained while looking at the bracelet with an air of reluctance.

“However, for the young brother to activate it, I fear you must first learn the most basic skills to control your Yuan Li. As for these techniques, we will teach them to you as we journey on. We will definitely help you activate the bracelet as soon as possible.” Guan Lao Da added on.

“Then I give my sincere thanks to both the Uncles.” Liu Ming said with a hint of joy as he placed the bracelet onto his right wrist and felt a cooling sensation emanating from it.

“Very good but your current appearance is still slightly imperfect, and needs to be adjusted so that the Apostles of the Sect won’t see through our ruse.” Guan Lao Da was nodding his head while observing Liu Ming’s face.

“Adjusted…in what manner?” Liu Ming frowned as he heard this.

Even though Liu Ming had an average appearance, he was still unwilling to let others change his appearance to any large degree.

“Ah, relax young brother! We will definitely not damage your original appearance, we only need to make some slight adjustments to your hair and skin tone. In this area, Gu Lao San is an expert and you can leave it to him.” Guan Lao Da immediately saw through the youth’s worries, and reassured him with gentle laughter.

“If it’s just like that, then I don’t mind. Gu Uncle, I’m sorry to bother you” Liu Ming set down the worries he was carrying in his heart and agreed to their request.

“Heh heh, this is a small matter. In the days before I became a Practitioner, I once held the title of [The Man with a Hundred Faces]” Gu Lao San boasted with a laugh.

At this, he turned around and from his massive bag pulled out a number of vials, along with some small yet unnaturally sharp blades and gestured for the youth to go over.

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