Vol. 3 Chapter 24: Killing Me Isn’t Easy

Since I can’t see his figure, then I just have to force him out!

After judging the size of the room, I pulled out Blasphemer, aimed it at the four walls of the hall, and unleashed my magic skill – Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

A blue magic formation flashed. Countless blue ice crystals spiralled in the air, and instantly, the entire room was frozen.

Even if you hide yourself, your attacks shouldn’t be able to instantly penetrate these frozen walls, right?

As expected, a red name appeared under the stairs at the side of the hall. Looking towards the direction of the enemy as shown in the mini-map, I immediately threw an ice spike towards him.

The ice spike struck directly at the enemy’s position, and the place was surrounded in ice blocks.

However, I knew that my attack did not land on the enemy. Because a black shadow…

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