Vol. 3 Chapter 25: Can You Help Me?

“You two sure look like a pair of siblings like this. Un~”

In the corner of the flower garden at the academy’s center, Aliyah said as she sipped on her drink.

“Dorumi has a Western European look, and making an outline of it was easy. Adding the black hair and eyes, I was able to make a disguise with a similar face as hers.”

“Looks like you have become very familiar with your new ability.”

“I was pretty skilled at replicating famous people and characters during character customizations, you know?”

I laughed and replied.

“That’s good… Speaking of which, I didn’t think that Dorumi would be a killer. In the future, if my teacher were to give me too much homework, can I hire you to kill him?”

“I think it’s best to keep a low profile in the school.”

Dorumi facepalmed as she answered.

Looks like Dorumi felt that…

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